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Star War: Backstroke of the West

Discussion in 'Star Wars' started by CABAL, 21 Mar 2010.

  1. CABAL

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    15 Aug 2009
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    I want to know if anybody has heard of this before. Put simply, Star War: Backstroke of the West is what happens when you take a bootleg copy of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, poorly translate it into Mandarin Chinese, then poorly translate it back into English, all in subtitles, so the original audio is still intact. The results are hilarious! Almost every time when somebody says, "Nooo!" it becomes "Do not want!", Anakin seems to be named "Allah Gold" and there is something about elephants and the Presbyterian Church...:confused: It's on YouTube and considering it was posted in 2007, I'm guessing George Lucas doesn't care. It's definitely worth watching just for the nonsensical subtitles!:lol2:
  2. StarBlade

    StarBlade Deleted Due to Inactivity Former MSFC Member

    I downloaded most of the still images that were made available in a blog posting some time ago. I can't believe how bad the "subtitles" misinterpret the contents. I've watched the film while waiting for the scenes to appear just to see what's actually being said. The sudden malevolence of the Presbyterian Church, and the "DO NOT WANT" ending, are probably my favourite parts.


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