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[Alpha] DxWnd Tool for Armada 1 on Win10

Discussion in 'Armada Discussion and Gaming' started by MrVulcan, 4 Mar 2017.

  1. MrVulcan

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    17 Aug 2011
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    Hi folks,

    Gho, the developer of a compatibility tool for running older games on windows, DwWnd, has recently made nice progress with Armada 1. The game seems to be playable (although the loading menus are still a WIP). If this piques your interest, give this a try (attached a WIP version with special version for Armada). Development needs feedback from a wider audience, and the request was made to distribute this package.

    To use:
    1. extract all files in a separate folder.
    2. right-click on DwWnd.exe -> properties -> compatibility tab -> "run as administrator"
    3. run DwWnd.exe. You may get a message saying "Windows protected you from unknown app... etc". Click on More Info -> Run Anyway
    4. more security prompts... Allow program to run.
    5. loading may take some time. When program loads, right click on "Star Trek Armada" -> modify.
    6. locate the option which specifies the path to Armada.exe. Change this if necessary. Leave all other options unchanged.
    7. Do not close the DxWnd window. You can right-click Armada.exe -> run

    You may use the unofficial 1.3 patch for additional compatibility, and change Armada.exe permissions to "run as admin".

    Please let me know (or go directly to SourceForge DxWnd Discussion) to supply feedback to the developer. Gho is a great dev and put a lot of time and effort into making the compatibility tool work for Armada.

    A shout out to Thunderchero from AFC for reaching out to Gho for help with Armada compatibility. He has done the bulk of beta testing of DwWnd for armada since early 2015.

    Mr. V

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