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A2 P'kor Class Bird of Prey 1.0

Retro Romulan BoP

  1. Jetfreak
    Originally from Borg Incursion: Vital Responses as a playable ship, this is a revamp/retexture of the gorgeous looking P'kor Class Bird of Prey. First converted and poly reduced by Major Payne, the material settings have been modified per current specs and the textures have also been tweaked with edited hull colors and new lightmaps.

    With a fine balance of aesthetics and functionality, it is a truly modern interpretation of the Romulan BoP concept. Meant for the TNG era, it is a fine companion to the D'Deridex or Raptor, ably standing out with its retro flair. It can also pass for an Alternate Reality (Kelvin Timeline) version of the TOS Bird of Prey.

    The choice is yours Centurion!


    1. rbird (1).png
    2. rbird (2).png
    3. rbird (3).png