1. Hello and welcome to MSFC. We are a small and close knitted community who specialises in modding the game Star Trek Armada 2 and the Fleet Operations modification, however we have an open field for discussing a number of topics including movies, real life events and everything in-between.

    Being such a close community, we do have some restrictions, including all users required to be registered before being able to post as well as all members requiring to have participated in the community for sometime before being able to download our modding files to name the main ones. This is done for both the protection of our members and to encourage new members to get involved with the community. We also require all new registrations to first be authorised by an Administrator and to also have an active and confirmed email account.

    We have a policy of fairness and a non harassment environment, with the staff quick to act on the rare occasion of when this policy is breached. Feel free to register and join our community.

Terms of Service and Rules

Welcome to MSFC - Sci-Fi and Gaming, before you start posting you need to be aware of a set of rules and code of conduct set down by the staff here. Everyone wishing to post and use the services provided on this site need to read and abide by these conditions.


This sites number 1 rule. There is to be NO advertising of other sites or using this site as a recruitment centre. This includes posting links, signatures with links in them or advertising through PM’s. Failure to adhere to this will have you placed on a permanent ban, no exceptions and no chances of the ban being lifted.

Membership Approval

Approval to MSFC is dependant on a series of checks. Firstly you must have a valid email address so the site's automation can send you a confirmation email before the Admins can approve your application. You will then be put through a series of tests:
  1. Username check
  2. IP Address check
  3. Email address check
  4. Location check

Note: If any of your account details are registered with the StopForumSpam database, or do not stand up to scrutiny, your account will be rejected as well as added by us to the database. This is to prevent hackers & spammers from gaining access to our community forums and plastering the site with spam posts as well as helping other communities in the same way they have helped us.

Zero posters will also be deleted after 2 months of non-activity, we do not need our database filled up with unused accounts. Also anyone who has not posted within a 3 month period regardless of posts will be considered as not returning to MSFC and will also have their account removed.


This is an English site, so please use English only while on these boards. All posts that include another language will be deleted by a staff member, this also includes swearing and abusive words. These are not permitted on the site under any circumstances.


It is your responsibility to conduct yourself in a responsible mature manner. You are under NO circumstances to use MSFC as a means to personally criticize, harass, discriminate, flame or personally attack any registered member or member of staff.

You are responsible for your own behaviour and the Administration will not accept any excuses for any inappropriate behaviour and will take necessary action in response to any behaviour unbecoming a member. Using the excuse "someone else was using my account/name/pretending to be me" is not an excuse, you should have full control of your own account and it is your responsibility to ensure nobody else has your password to access your account to cause you trouble on MSFC.


You, as a member, must respect any registered member and member of staff that uses the MSFC services, regardless of your feelings towards them. We all are here to share and enjoy our passion for science fiction and gaming as well as various other topics and are here voluntarily and did not volunteer to take your disrespect or abuse.

A Privilege NOT a Right

Being a member of MSFC, one or more of the RPG's or a staff member is a privilege and NOT a right. You may be removed from any of these positions at any given time without notice by the Administrations judgement.

File Hosting Terms of Use

MSFC provides free hosting and as such can not be held responsible for the files hosted on our server. MSFC respects the rights of an artist to control their own work and as such we (an individual and website) do not own any files submitted by members. All ownership falls on the original author's and they can at any-time for any reason ask for their files to be removed without opposition from MSFC, its staff or owners.

  • As a file submitter, author and a condition of hosting your files with us you agree to take responsibility for any and all files you submit to MSFC and it's sub-domains by making sure they are free of viruses, spy-ware, mal-ware and any of these potentially harmful to the system of anyone downloading your files. You also agree to have a credits text document with an accurate list crediting everyone involved in the creation of the file(s), including yourself.
  • As a member and downloader you download at your own risk and by doing so agree not to hold MSFC, its staff, the author of the file or owners at fault or accountable (legal or otherwise) for any damage a file causes to your system in part or whole. We (MSFC) take no responsibility for any effects caused by you using files hosted with us. We do our best to screen all files submitted and uploaded but unfortunately this is not always possible.
  • You also agree to respect an author's rights and as a condition of downloading, agree to not use the file in part or whole in any public project or to modify and publicly release a said file without the direct permission of the file's original author.
  • Max file size that can be uploaded to MSFC is 64MB. It is recommend that rar or 7z format is used as they compress the best. 7zip and Winrar also have the ability to split large mods into smaller files automatically so they can be uploaded to MSFC.
  • Any help with compressing files can be found by emailing files@msfc.com.au


To be eligible to download files, the user must be a participating member of the community and is required to post an introduction thread in the introduction section of the forums and post at least 30 posts of decent size (mass amounts of single or 3 worded posts within a very small time frame will be deleted as this is noted to rapidly increase your post count just to gain access to downloads and is also considered to be spam), be active for 7 days and have made some contribution (ie, participate in discussion on the forums) to the MSFC community and have a like count of at least 3 which can only be gained by other members liking your posts, if you are still waiting after a substantial amount of time, please PM a staff member, who will give you the rep required. No excuses will be accepted for not knowing, because if you are unaware, then you have breached the site rules by not reading and abiding by them and will be subject to the warning procedure outlined at the bottom of this page.

Email Addresses

Email addresses must be kept off the forums. They can be shared and/or obtained through private messages. This is for your own security and safety, to avoid unwanted spam emails and possibly viruses.

It is also requested that you register with a well known server like hotmail, aol, yahoo, gmail etc. It just makes approving your account much quicker as well as easier on the Administrators. Also it's your responsibility to keep your email up to date, any inactive email accounts associated with your MSFC account could have your account locked or possibly deleted until you update your email details.


Spam is useless posts that people make when they don't have anything useful to say. Please refrain from doing this, as your posts will de deleted or edited and you will be contacted by a staff member.


Keep to the topic in a thread. Staff will notify you if your posts are off topic, failure to return to the topic at hand will have you contacted by a staff member to discuss the situation further. Once your post has been edited by a staff member do not edit it back or remove a staff’s edit tag.

Flame Wars

Flame wars are arguments that are displayed over public forum or via PM and disrupts the running of a site. This is not tolerated, if a flame war erupts the staff will take preventative action to stop it. If it comes over from another site, members responsible will be put on a warning. Instigators of flame wars will be dealt with accordingly.

Instant Message Conversations

Instant message conversations (such as MSN) that affect the running of the site (such as topics or between members who are in a flame or argument) are bound by the rules of MSFC and any breach will be treated as if it had occurred on the site. We expect members to conduct themselves with dignity and utmost maturity with respect towards all members and staff. If you disagree with this clause, please refrain from talking to other members on IM programs and chat rooms when a problem or issue is in effect.


Signatures are text or pictures that appear under your post. You are allowed only one picture for a signature and it must not exceed 500x160 pixels in size.

Also signatures are under no circumstances to include any sort of links as this will violate our first condition of usage.


Avatars are small images that appear near your user-name in posts. Avatars are automatically re-sized by the site. It is recommend that you try and upload an image that is roughly 200x200px.

Posting Pictures

In order to make sure the forum doesn't explode with graphics and slow down due to it, when you post a picture please make sure that you use the attachment feature. There is unlimited attachment space for each member.

Hotlinked images are not allowed, however the use of photobucket or DeviantArt are acceptable for those really large images.

No Imageshack hosting

The use of "Imageshack" is prohibited due to their use of pop-up / pop-under ads that sometimes contain malicious code or content.

Again using the excuse "I didn't know" is not acceptable as it is part of the forum rules and must be accepted before using this site and is considered a breach of MSFC rules.


Copying other peoples work without permission is not tolerated. You MUST request permission before using anyone else’s work in a public release. Also any MSFC material is the property of the MSFC staff and permission to reuse or edit this must be obtained by Majestic, the main creator of the MSFC artworks.


The emoticons/smilies used on MSFC were created by Gilles Nuytens of The Sci-Fi World. Do not use without permission. The posting rank images are by Kuro-Chan of Kuro-RPG.

Staff Decisions

The staff are here to make sure the site runs smoothly and without incident. They have been given the power and responsibility to manage various sections of the site. Only a higher ranking staff member can override another staff member decision if deemed necessary.

The staff have the right to remove any post, thread or messages that in our sole judgement violate and infringe upon the rules of this site. They also have the right to remove any posting ability and limit or terminate access to any member for any reason and at any-time without notice.

Do not edit a post after a staff member has, staff edits posts for a reason and editing it after a staff for whatever reason will only find yourself being contacted and possibly warned.

There are several levels/types of staff, information of the levels/types and their responsibilities can be found here.

All decisions made by the staff are final, there are to be no arguments/complaints or questioning about decisions made by the staff for any reason.

All staff of equal rank have equal authority and any attempts to undermine a staff's decision by gong to another of equal rank will be dealt with, just like any other infraction of the Terms and Conditions. You are however allowed (if you feel unsatisfied with how a member of staff have conducted themselves) to go to a staff of higher authority, such as to an Administrator. Discrimination against a staff member due to their race or gender will also not be tolerated.


From time to time, the staff will be looking for new staff members. This happens due to a number of reasons. Examples include the site expanding or a member of staff retiring due to other responsibilities.

When this happens a thread will be made on the forums notifying the community of the situation and the need of additional staff members. All interested parties are to submit an application form to all 3 of our Administrators: Hellkite, Syf & Majestic.

New Forums

If you want a new forum section or category on the site, you'll need to contact one of our Administrators: Hellkite, Syf or Majestic. They will decided if it is needed or not.

Problems with other members

If you have a problem with another member or a staff member, PM the other member first and try to resolve it peacefully. If it does not work please PM a member of staff about it. Do not make it public on the forums.

Please respect the other members for who they are, there will be no smart remarks or insults made against other members on these forums. If this occurs the said post will be deleted and the poster contacted and warned.

Warning Procedure

Unfortunately from time to time, there are times when a member is unable or unwilling to follow the rules laid down by the staff. When this happens it becomes necessary for a warning to be made. Details on the procedure can be found here.


Any of the rules detailed above can be skipped at the administration's discretion. All staff members can interpret the rules as they see fit, even beyond their written meaning.

Rules can be changed or updated at any-time, notification will be made to the community and it's up to each individual to make sure they review and are aware of the changes made.

MSFC Administrators & Owners are as follows:

  • Hellkite
  • Syf
  • Majestic

Enjoy the forums!
- MSFC Staff