1. Hello and welcome to MSFC. We are a small and close knitted community who specialises in modding the game Star Trek Armada 2 and the Fleet Operations modification, however we have an open field for discussing a number of topics including movies, real life events and everything in-between.

    Being such a close community, we do have some restrictions, including all users required to be registered before being able to post as well as all members requiring to have participated in the community for sometime before being able to download our modding files to name the main ones. This is done for both the protection of our members and to encourage new members to get involved with the community. We also require all new registrations to first be authorised by an Administrator and to also have an active and confirmed email account.

    We have a policy of fairness and a non harassment environment, with the staff quick to act on the rare occasion of when this policy is breached. Feel free to register and join our community.

MSFC Staff

Like any community site on the internet, MSFC is managed by a group of people known as the staff. It's the staff's responsibility to keep the site maintained, running smoothly and solving any problems that may arise. The MSFC staff are all volunteers who have kindly dedicated their time to help MSFC.

The staff are also the people you can come to when you are having difficulity trying to figure out how to work a feature on the site, can't find the right section to post a topic, or if you're having issues with another member of the MSFC community.

There are 3 levels of staff, each with unique responsibilities. However many duties can overlap between the different levels. Below is a detailed description of what each level of staff is responsible for and who they are.


Administrators are the highest ranking members of staff, typically an Administrator is responsible for the technical side of the site, such as upgrading it, fixing any issues and introducing new features. They are also the managers of the staff, the people who other staff members come too if they need an additional hand in sorting out an issues, like a member dispute or misunderstanding.

The primary roles of an Administrator are as follows:

  • Maintaining and managing the technical side of MSFC
  • Helping out other staff members when the need arises
  • Deciding when new staff are required and choosing the members for the position
  • Deciding what roles the other staff are required to perform
  • Helping other staff to moderate the forums
  • Approving new users and banning users who have broken the rules
  • Making additions and changes to the Terms of Service and Rules
  • Deciding if a new forum or download section is required and creating it

Site Managers

Site Managers are mid-level staff members and are typically employed with the running of the every day activities of the forum, banning/issuing warnings to members who break the rules and moderating the forums.

The primary roles of Site Managers are as follows:

  • Helping out Forum Moderators as needed
  • Approving new resources
  • Managing member disputes
  • Running the forum in the absence of an Administrator
  • Issuing warnings and bans when the need arises
  • Helping out new members and members who don't know how to do something
  • Keeping an eye on the site and making sure all is running smoothly

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators are front end staff members, they are typically seen on the forums managing threads, posts and helping users who need help. They are also the primary staff that deal with the resource section approving new files and downloads.

The primary roles of Forum Moderators are as follows:

  • Managing threads, posts and discussions
  • Responsible for reminding members to remain on topic within a discussion
  • Issuing un-official warnings to members who step out of line and are close to breaching MSFC rules
  • Helping to solve member disputes
  • Approving new files/downloads in the resource section
  • Helping out members who don't know where to post a particular discussion, don't know who to perform a particular action etc