1. Hello and welcome to MSFC. We are a small and close knitted community who specialises in modding the game Star Trek Armada 2 and the Fleet Operations modification, however we have an open field for discussing a number of topics including movies, real life events and everything in-between.

    Being such a close community, we do have some restrictions, including all users required to be registered before being able to post as well as all members requiring to have participated in the community for sometime before being able to download our modding files to name the main ones. This is done for both the protection of our members and to encourage new members to get involved with the community. We also require all new registrations to first be authorised by an Administrator and to also have an active and confirmed email account.

    We have a policy of fairness and a non harassment environment, with the staff quick to act on the rare occasion of when this policy is breached. Feel free to register and join our community.

About MSFC

MSFC as an online community was officially founded on June 28th 2005, one of many communities formed out of the friendships gained through ArmadaFleetCommand, however unlike the other communities MSFC expanded and continued to develop into a multicultural community and has since become one of only a few sites that is still active and focuses on the Star Trek Armada 2 game.

Founded on the principles of equality, fairness and no discrimination, MSFC has continued to uphold these principles despite the challenges faced by the site, staff and the Armada community itself. While still heavily focused on supporting the Armada community, MSFC has slowly been expanding into other areas.

MSFC History

Originally MSFC was created in 2002 as a free geocities site called Majestic Downloads, however was nothing more than a site to display artwork. In 2005, Majestic Downloads ,as it was known as, moved to a free forum provider called 1-2-free-forums and started it's first ventures into forum software. Early on it saw a minor upgrade that saw a new skin and a rework of it's forum structure which included new sections added. However it wasn't long until it was discovered that 1-2-free-forums used outdated phpBB software and so the forum was only operation for approximately two months before it was moved to a new host.

In August 2005, Majestic Downloads moved to the host called forumup who used the latest in phpBB software and all content was transferred over manually (re-posted). The forum got a new skin and also an increase in membership. It would later on go through another minor rework, including a new skin and more importantly a new name. Due to lacking a download section Majestic Downloads was renamed to Majestic Sci-fi Central. The forumup server would soon prove to be as troublesome as 1-2-free-forums with a variety of server hiccups and issues including terrible bandwidth issues. After some investigation it was learned that multiple forums hosted by them were having similar issues with Majestic Sci-fi Central being one of the latest affected in November/December 2005. By January the following year it was decided that the ongoing issues weren't going to stop and so a decision was made to leave the free hosting behind.

Eventually an Australian host called MD Web Hosting was chosen who was based in Melbourne, however forumup refused to provide any database backups for the forum and so the staff decided to manually transfer over what was left to be of importance. This was a huge task but showed the dedication of many of the Majestic Sci-fi Central staff and members. Again using phpBB Majestic Sci-fi Central was re-created onto it's own site with it's own domain name, a new skin and total control over everything including many third party modification additions that were not possible on the free hosts. However with the low activity of the site a change was needed.

Over Easter of 2006, a major overhaul was underway with Majestic Sci-fi Central moving from phpBB to vBulletin (v3.5.4). Additional features included a interactive portal system and not since the early days of Majestic Downloads a dedicated download section. Having an effective download section saw a complete change in the way Majestic Sci-fi Central operated, no longer was the site a simple community forum like a dozen others but it allowed the site to fully support the Armada 2 community like it had always intended. During this time forum moderator Syf was promoted to Administrator to assist in the running of the site.

On April 9th 2007 Majestic Sci-fi Central saw another upgrade, this time however it wasn't a change in software up an upgrade. Majestic Sci-fi Central was upgraded to use vBulletin v3.6.5, it would be the first of many upgrades that would happen over the next 6 years. As what would become the normal a new skin and many new features were added. Eventually Majestic Sci-fi Central would encounter troubles with MD Web Hosting with their poor support, bad uptime and continue delays with loading times. After several months and with no improvement and a continue lack of support or response from MD Web Hosting it was eventually decided to change hosts.

This would warrant Majestic Sci-fi Central, which had been renamed to simply MSFC, to transfer to HostGator a US based Texas company. Included in this move would also include a new domain to match the new site name. The transfer was done quite effectively over the course of several days not long after MSFC was upgraded to vBulletin v4 (which was now owned by Internet Brands instead of Jelsoft). Included in the upgrade was personal blogs and an official portal page. MSFC would flourish during this era, making a name for itself in the Armada community, increased activity with new members and a stability like none other was part of what was considered the golden era of MSFC in the Armada community.

However by mid 2013 it was found that vBulletin v4 was inferior to it's predecessor vBulletin v3. Eventually the choice was made to transfer to the Xenforo forum software created by two previous vBulletin developers. Xenforo wasn't only cheaper to maintain, something not continued by Internet Brands, but also a lot less resource intensive on the server allowing faster loading times. Also for the first time, an official download system was available which allowed members to upload their own files and store them securely on the MSFC server as well as an official award/trophy system