Welcome to MSFC

An international community founded on June 28th 2005, MSFC has since then expanded from a free forum site into a major interactive site with it's own domain and is currently on it's 9th version, it's 5th using vBulletin as a basis for it's community. It's also on it's 3rd and last name.

MSFC has also currently just gone through a major upgrade, and as such is not fully operational at the moment. However the forums and downloads section are functioning and you can still get involved in the community. The features that aren't currently working are currently being worked on and will be operational as soon as the Administrators can get to them.

MSFC not only being a community based on Science Fiction and Computer Gaming, but also hosts various projects in the said fields of interest and currently hosts the following:

  • The Coalition War, a Star Trek Armada 2, Fleet Operations Modification
  • Halo Fleet Command,  a Star Trek Armada 2 Modification
  • Wastelands,  a Star Trek Armada 2 Modification
  • BSG Half Race Mod,  a Star Trek Armada 2 Battlestar Galactica Modification

Plus several more and hundreds of files.

MSFC is always looking at expanding into other games, so if you have a project but don't have anywhere to host it's forums/updates or files then MSFC may be the answer to your prayers.

If you're not into computer games, then there is plenty of other things that you can find of interest, including but not limited to:

  • Arcade Games, play classics online through the site (Currently not active, will be soon if not already)
  • Strong friendly community, make friends from all over the world
  • A download section, with many exclusive Armada 2 content
  • Discussions on various topics from sci-fi to world news to personal advice

So feel free to come on in, sign up for a free profile and make friends that will last a lifetime.